10 Best free Code Editor for Web Developers

A code editor is a text editor specially designed for editing source code of computer programs by programmers. These code editors have features specially designed to speed up and simplify input of source code , such as syntax highlighting , indentation, auto-complete and bracket matching functionality. Text editors like Notepad can also be used to edit source code but they don’t  support the advance features of a code editor. Following are some of the code editors specially helpful for web developers:
             Code Editor

1.  Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit is an advanced and powerful code editor which supports many different programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby and many more. It offers syntax highlighting and testing, code folding, Snippets and Macros and many other features.

2.  Netbeans

Netbeans is a free and open source code editor which helps to develop desktop, mobile and web applications with HTML5, Java, C, C++, PHP and many more.

3.  Notepad++

Notepad++ is a free source code editor based on powerful editing component Scintilla and written in  C++. It supports Syntax Highlighting and Syntax Folding, Macro recording and playback , Multi-view and many other useful features.

4.  Brackets

Brackets is an online code editor which supports live HTML Development in which output is instantly displayed based on the code you have typed.

5. JSBin.com

It is also an online HTML, CSS and JavaScript editor in which results are instantly displayed as soon as you have typed your code.

6.  Codepen.io

Similar to JSBin , Codepen is also an online HTML, CSS and JavaScript editor which works online and displays the live previews based on your written code.

7.  jEdit

jEdit is a text editor for programmers which supports large number of programming languages. It offers Syntax programming for more than 200 languages.

8.  Editra

Editor has an easy to use interface and it supports over 60 programming languages.


It is an online code editor for web developers which supports HTML, CSS and displays live results in the same window.

10.  mozilla Thimble

It is an online HTML and CSS editor which supports sharing and hosting your finished pages.


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