10 Cool and Useful websites you must visit

Nowadays the internet has been the most important tool to search and find any information. There a tons of useful websites serving a particular query. These websites are quite useful in solving the day to day problems from shopping online to booking a cab.

Below is the list ten cool and useful websites which you may or may not have heard.

  1.  AlternativeTo

This website is useful for finding out the alternative to a particular software. Enter your software name for which you want alternatives in the search bar and it shows you a list alternatives.


2. zerodollarmovies

This website contains the list of movies freely available on youtube in a much cleaner and sorted way. You can find movies by language or year.


3. myfonts

This website is useful for finding out information about any font available on the internet or anywhere. Just upload the image and it will find out the font used in that image.


4. 10minutemail

This website is very useful when you want to avoid exposing your personal email id on a random website. This website provides a temporary email which is only available for 10 minutes.


5. bugmenot

This website is useful when you don’t want a ready-made account to log in to a website. It may be because you don’t want the hassle to fill out those lengthy signup form or anything like that. Just search the website name and get account credentials.

6.  downforeveryoneorjustme

Many times it happens that a website itself is down but we wonder if it’s our internet connection acting weird. This website check if a website is actually down or its problem at our end.

7.  dummyimage

This website is particularly useful for web developers when you want to place a dummy image on your web projects with proper dimensions mentioned so that anyone can easily replace the image of appropriate size.


8.  giphy

Giphy is a popular website for finding out cool gifs for any occasion. Just search your query and you will find tons of matching gifs for your query.


9.  hackertyper

HackerTyper is cool websites which creates visual effect of you typing out lines of codes like those shown in hacking movies. Just hit random buttons on the keyboard and it will emulate the behavior of actual coding.


10.  snopes

Snopes is very useful websites in times when want to find out the actual story behind any viral fake news. With fakes news on social media platforms spreading like fire, this website is must visit to stop the spread of misinformation.


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