5 Best Offline Browsers to Browse Websites Offline

Offline Browsers are the software which allows user to browse any website offline without the need of having an internet. Offline Browsers download the whole website in to the hard disk of user’s computer and therefore making websites available to browse anytime even without internet. These offline browsers can be be very useful specially when you are on a limited validity internet connection.

Here is a list five useful offline browsers to browse your favourite websites offline:–

1. HTTrack Website Copier

HTTrack Website Copier is very easy to use and totally free of cost. It has a very simple user interface and works perfectly. HTTrack downloads the website from internet to your local directory. It also supports resuming interrupted downloads.

download from here

2. Offline Explorer

Offline Explorer is also a useful software that does the work of browsing websites offline by downloading them to your computer’s hard disk. It is among one of the best offline best offline browsers available these days. It has a trial period of 30 days and after that you have to buy it to continue using it.

download from here

3. BackStreet Browser

BackStreet Browser is also a useful offline browser similar to HTTrack but with some more advance options. It allows downloading the whole website in zipped format, access to password protected sites, resume option etc. and ofcourse it is totally free to use.

download from here

4. WinWSD Website Downloader

WinWSD Website Downloader is also simple to use offline browser and it works perfectly according to its name. It also allows to users to view their downloaded sites in their favourite browser also like many other browsers it is totally free to use.

download from here

5. PageNest Offline Browser

Next on the list is, PageNest Offline Browser. It gives the user option to eighter copy the page or the entire website. It has a free and also a paid version with some extra features.

download from here


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