5 Tools to Identify and Delete Duplicate Files from Windows

If you are running out of space on hard drive of your computer then there is no other solution but to delete some unnecessary files from your computer. Sometimes extra space is also eaten up by duplicate files. Finding and Deleting duplicate Files can help you in increasing hard drive capacity but doing so manually can be very time-taking and sometimes many files will be left undeleted. Here is a list of 5 tools to find and remove duplicate files.

  5 Tools to Identify and Remove Duplicate Files

Clonespy is a simple tool that helps in detecting and deleting duplicate files. Clonespy can also find and delete files with no content or space. Clonespy is a complete windows utility for finding duplicate files and it also allows user to decide which files to keep and delete.
Anti-Twin is an excellent tool to find and delete duplicate files. It also uses byte-by-byte comparison of user-defined files and pixel-based image comparison to search for similar images.
DoubleKiller helps in detecting duplicate files by comparing any combination like date, size, modification date and content. User can exclude any type of files based on their type, size, and name. There is also a pro version available for download with additional features.
Duplicate Cleaner is a simple tool which scans all types of files including photos, music, films, videos, word documents , powerpoint presentation, text files for duplicate content. It is very flexible to use and helps searching files locally or on the network.
Exact Duplicate Finder is an another tool which uses byte-by-byte comparison to find duplicate files. It has a very simple user interface and can find similar content saved with different names. 


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