Best online proofreading tools

Making sure that your online content is spelled correctly is very important for a blogger. Writing error free articles is a tough job specially if your native language is different from your communication language. It is not only about writing informative articles but also about writing error free articles which are clear and easy for readers to understand.

To create error free articles , here are 5 useful tools which will help you to keep check on your grammatical errors:—-

1. has a very simple user interface and it can proof read your content in 17 different languages. It also provides synonyms, threasus ,auotes to make you content more professional.

2. Jspell

Jspell is specially helpful for those bloggers who have health realted blog because it has support for medical language also. Others features of jspell include support for languages like English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.

3. grammarcheck

Like many other online spelling checker tools, it also allows to check grammatical errors as well as spelling mistakes. It only supports English language but the good thing about grammercheck is that it provide lots of useful articles which will help you in improving  your grammer.

4. paperrater

The main difference between paperrater and other spelling checking tools is that paperrater also provides suggestions about the name of the article based on your provided content.

5. polishmywriting

Finding errors with the help of this tool is very easy beacuse errors are displayed in three different colors. All the spelling mistakes will be identified in red color, writing suggestions will be displayed by blue color and grammatical mistakes will be dispalyed in green color. It will also give suggestions for active and passive writing.


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