Bypass “Age Restricted” content warning on Youtube to watch censored videos

We all know that Youtube is the world largest online video sharing site. It contains videos under various categories of which many are not suitable for all users. Many videos are age-restricted due the type of content in them, so users have to verify their age in order to view these videos. Here are some easy methods to bypass that age verification step:–


                Bypass Youtube content warning

Method 1 : Watching video within the youtube

        ☻  Open your video for example:
        ☻  Edit this url to following         :
        ☻  This will open your video without the need of signing in but the main demerit of this method is that it opens the video in fullscreen which may not be suitable for low quality videos. 

               (note: remember to replace”watch?v=” with “v/“)

Method 2 : Watching video outside the youtube

     ☻ Open your video for example   :
       ☻  Add “nsfw” in front of your url :                                                 
       ☻ This will open the video under another website without any age restriction.
               (note: remember to add “nsfw” at the beginning of your url)
These methods are very simple to apply and dont require use of any softwares. 

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