Create an Invisible Folder in Windows

Have you ever wanted to create an invisible folder on your computer for some reason.? Here is a simple and very effective method to do this without using any software. This method lets user to create a folder without any icon and also without any name. So this is the trick, folder is placed there but you can’t see it because it don’t have any icon and name.

Steps to create invisible folder in windows______*

1. Create a new folder by right clicking on your desktop and select new and then select folder option.


2.  Now right click on the folder and select rename option and then remove it name. After that you have to     press and hold Alt Key and type numbers 0160 from Numpad of your keyboard and hit enter button.           Now you have a folder without any name.


3. Now right click on this folder select properties and click on customise and then change icon and select an icon as shown in the image. Confirm your selection by pressing ok. This will make your folder invisible.


4. Now you have just created your invisible folder. You can use it just like a normal folder but you should remember its place where you have created this.

 Note: You should remember the location of your folder or you may face problem while locating it in         future.

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