How to create your own run command in Windows?

In Windows operating system, run command are used to open an application directly whose path is known. Simply press “windows+R” key from your keyboard and a RUN box will appear on your screen where your have to enter your required command. For some commands to work properly, you will need to open command prompt with administrator rights of that computer.

Some of the popular run commands are regedit, calc, cmd e.t.c While these are the default shotcuts , you can also create custom commands for your favourite programs.

Here are the steps to create your RUN command

Step 1 .

Choose your program for which you want to create shortcut command. (example “firefox”).

Step 2.

Now navigate to your desktop, right click>new>shortcut

Create Run Command

Step 3.

After that, a dialog box will appear asking you to type the location of your favourite program.

Step 4.

Now click on browse and navigate to .exe file of your program.

(For firefox: “C:Program Files (x86)Mozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe”)

Step 5.

After this click on next and give the name which you want for your command. Then
click on finish button and a shortcut icon will be created on your desktop.

Step 6.

Now simply cut and paste this shortcut to your root drive’s Windows folder (C:Windows).

Step 7.

All set, now press windows+R and enter your newly created command.


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