Download Torrents on Android Phones..!!

How to Download Torrents on Android Phones ????

When it comes to sharing large files among large groups of people, torrents are the top things that come to mind. We are very much familiar with Torrents files for downloading large files in our desktops/laptops. 

Torrents have a huge amount of files related to our search queries, So this is the best platform for downloading files.If you are thinking it to download torrent for android, then question is how? Checkout this step-by-step guide if you want to find out the best method to download torrents on Android Phones:

How to Download torrent Files ?

*Firstly, you have to Download one of the below mentioned torrent clients.
*Now, download the torrent file from your mobile Browser. You can download it from the inbuilt browser in torrent applications also.

*Open the downloaded file if asked for selecting an application select the torrent app you downloaded.

*Now your file starts downloading.Select your download & upload limits & other settings in your torrent application.

Top Torrent Clients For Android :


  • μ Torrent : 

This is the most downloaded torrent client. It is very much familiar with PC users. This is very simple swift & free. You can download any size file.

Device requirements:
Android version: 2.1 & above

  • Frost Wire :

Frost Wire is another torrent client. It is Bit Torrent & Cloud file downloader. It has some additional features also, like, it has a built-in file search music player & other features. You can integrate your Android device with Frost wire for Desktop.
Android version : 2.3.3 & above.

  • tTorrent :

It is moreover one of the best torrent downloader. It has different options to select your data such as WiFi only mode, Wifi or WiMAX mode. You can limit the downloading/Uploading speed also.
Android version : Varies with devices.

  • Bit Torrent :

Most of the people are aware of this torrent downloader, the most popular torrent for PCs. For some times, it is now available for Android devices also. You can download multiple torrents at once by this.
Android version : 2.1 & above.

  • A Downloader :

 If you are using low version of android OS below 2.1, then this torrent downloader will work fine on your device. It is not available for tablets.
Android version :1.6 & up.

That’s it! You can now download any torrent file. These torrent files can be; movie, game, or whatever you want. This is one of the best methods to download torrents to Android devices.

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