Download torrents on Windows Phone

When it comes to downloading torrents on Windows Phone , the choices are very limited in terms of apps. Very few apps are available in Windows Phones store offering native torrent download. Many of the apps just offer syncing torrents between your phone and desktop computer,  not the native file download. So coming down to native torrent downloading , choices are very few but still these apps gets the work done. Downloading torrents using these apps is same as downloading torrents on your desktop computer.


Download Torrent on Windows Phone

* Open the website from which you want to download your torrent file.

* Click on the torrent link and the file will automatically start downloading using suitable app installed in your phone.

* If there are more than one app installed you will be asked to choose an app for torrent download.

* If automatic download is not supported then you can manually download the torrent file link and then opening that link from phone will ask you to choose an app for performing that task.

* Now with Windows Phone 8.1 you can directly download your file to a public folder in SD card. So if available in the app you can choose your download folder from SD card.

Some of the apps for downloading torrents on Windows Phones are…


wptorrent is one of the most full featured torrent downloading app in Windows Phone store. It allows native torrent downloading to your. It allows previews of audio and video files even if the file is still downloading. There is a pro version of this app available in Windows Phone store with extra set of features. In the latest update the download speed limit has been removed from the free version.

Torrex Pro

Torrex Pro has been recently added to the Windows Phone  Store giving some stiff competition to wptorrent. The user interface of torrex pro more beautiful than wptorrent. It also offers direct torrent download to SD card. It is completely free to use and there is no in-app purchase required.

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