Firefox 20 comes with improved private browsing.

The latest news is that mozilla has fixed three critical flaws in firefox 20 and also released a number of new features with the latest update.

The major new improvements include per-window private browsing, a new download manager and a new ability to close hanging plugins seperatly.While users could earlier carry out private browsing with previous versions, they had to open a seperate window to do so. However, with Firefox 20, users can browse privately without closing or changing their current browsing session.

The new update also allows the desktop users a new Safari like download manager, which pops out from the toolbar. With this, users can monitor,view and locate downloaded files without switching to any other window. Coming to the three flaws that have been fixed.
Mozilla’s security advisories page has listed the following:

1.a bypass of System Only Wrappers that can allow protected nodes to be cloned.
2. a WebGL flaw which only affects Linux users using Intel Mesa graphics drivers.
3. a range of memory safety hazards.

The update is available for windows, linux, Mac and android. The users can download it now from official site. The Android version update is available through the Play Store.

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