Easily get your Google Adsense account approved

We all know that Google Adsense is a very popular medium for bloggers to earn some extra money from their online content. There are many online advertising solutions available but what makes the adsense most wanted among bloggers is that its higher payout , huge number of advertizers, targeted ads and lastly, the payment is always on time. But many first time bloggers are always in hurry to get their adsense account approved and they don’t follow the basic rules , which results in their account disapproved.

Here are some of the basic rules you should keep in mind before applying for an adsense account:

Google Adsense
  • Quality Content
The most important and basic criteria for getting adsense account approved is content. You must have unique and high quality content in your website. Many people who got their adsense approved in first time is mainly because they had high quality content.
  • Domain Age
Don’t just create a blog one day and apply it for adsense next day. Just wait for a month , gain some pageviews, create some quality content and then apply for your adsense account. This will increse your chances for geeting your adsense application approved.
  • Custom Domain
Having a custom domain instead of a subdomain (.blogspot) highly increases your chances for getting your adsense account approved. This doesn’t means that you can’t get adsense account by using a subdomain but having a custom domain just increases your chances.
  • Don’t copy anything
Don’t copy anything from anywhere. Create your own content, if you can’t do it ,you have nearly no chance of getting adsense approval. Under the reviewal process of your application google may find out about your copied content and disapporove your adsense application.
  • Posts and Traffic
Although there is nothing like minimum no. of posts or traffic but having 25-50 posts at the time of sending your adsense application is a plus point and will surely increase your chances. Also your should gain some regular pageviews around 100 or more which will act as a plus point.
  • Design
Although, design is not an important criteria for getting adsense account approved but having a website with well built template and proper arrangement of content will attract adsense team and it will increase your chances.
  • Privacy Policy and Contact Page
Provide information about what types of data you collect from users who visit your website like email-id, browser info, IP address, location e.t.c. You may also need to place a contact page in your website or blog. Sometimes it may not matter if you have fullfilled all other requirements.

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