How to lock USB ports of your computer with password?

Many of you might have heard about password protected USB devices but what about locking USB ports of your computer with password? USB ports can be disabled without using any software but these methods can be tricky and complex for a general computer user. Luckily there are many softwares available to do this easy for you.

Locking your USB ports with password can be helpful in many ways like restricting unauthorized access to your data, protecting your computer from virus infected USB devices and many similar actions.

There are many softwares that work with a password combination to protect your USB ports. Some of them are listed below.


It is a simple software that grants access to USB ports to only those who have the correct password and keeps record of all USB activities. It runs invisibly and runs on nearly all versions of windows.

download from here

    USB Port Locked

It is an another program to protect your USB ports with a password. It has a very simple user interface and is a good alternative to MyUSBOnly.

Download from here

    Port Locker

Port Locker is an another powerful data protection software which comes with a list of important features like USB ports protection, unauthorized printing and data transfer through the network.

Download from here

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