How to insert WordPress Header and Footer code easily

At many times we need to change the look and feel of our wordpress website, which often requires inserting the wordpress header and footer code manually. If you are not familiar with wordpress development then it may sound little complicated. Editing code without prior knowledge also involves the risk breaking the code if you are not familiar with code structure. For the simplicity and those who are unable to do it themselves, there are a lot of plugins available in the wordpress plugin directory.

The most simple to use and reliable plugin is “Head and Footer Scripts Inserter

This plugin is currently supported on the latest update of wordpress as of Jan’16. It is free to use, donation supported plugin available on the wordpress plugin directory.

How to use install and use this plugin

Go to your wordpress dashboard>plugins>add new

add new pluginwordpress

Then search for “Head and Footer Scripts Inserter”

Click Install and then activate the plugin.

head footer script inserter

Then go to settings and click “Head and Footer Scripts Inserter”

Now insert your desired wordpress header and footer code in appropiate fields and click save.

insert wordpress header footer code

Download the Head and Footer Scripts Inserter

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