Opera Neon Browser – 5 features you must know

Opera Neon is a new experimental desktop browser from Opera to try and test new features available for both windows and mac. It has several built-in features like floating videos for Youtube and direct music control for Soundcloud.  Browser home page consists of your desktop wallpaper and floating web sites icons. On the right, it has the list of your tabs in a separate panel. On the left, it has a selection of various options like new tab, gallery, downloads, snap and video player which automatically grabs the videos and music from the supported sites and play those music and videos while browsing other sites.

opera neon browser

Opera Neon Features:

1.  Split Screen Mode

Opera Neon allow you to browse two websites simultaneously at the same time. Just drag the website from the tab bar on the right onto the main screen and you will have two websites opened in split mode. You can also adjust the size of the each website according to your requirement.

opera neon split screen

2. Video pop-out

It allows you play video from websites like youtube and vimeo while browsing another web pages. The videos can also be played in floating window so you can also watch videos while browsing other websites. This floating windows can be dragged and placed anywhere on the screen and works even if you minimize the browser.

3. Snap-to-gallery

You can crop any part of a webpage and it’s automatically saved for later access.  All the saved snaps can be accessed from the inbuilt gallery.  All the snap contain the link of the websites from which they have been cropped.

opera neon web page snap

4. Home Page

The look of the homepage is totally different from the current browsers like firefox and chrome. The homepage contains default wallpaper which is your actual desktop wallpaper. On the top we have the web address and search bar and below that there are floating website icons. On the left side, it has the new tab, gallery, downloads, snap and video player options and on the right, it has visual tabs.

5. Visual Tabs

All the currently opened tabs are placed on the right side in a separate panel based on the frequency of how often the user visits a particular website. You can drag and drop any website from the tabs bar on the currently opened website it will be opened in a split screen mode.

Considering that it’s just an experimental browser and its first version,  Neon really feels something fresh from the list of currently available browsers. In future, we can expect Opera to add new additions like extension support and more.

Download the Opera Neon Web Browser from here

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