Paper Facebook app for Iphone…!!

Facebook has released their new Iphone app called “Paper” to redefine the current newspaper trends . This app is now available from Apple’s App. If you are an Facebook user from your Iphone you should experience this app because this is not a side project of Facebook like messenger or other services .Facebook worked much hard for developing this app .
Paper’s Facebook feed is just a better-looking, more responsive version of what you’ll find inside the company’s main app. Every other section is a mix of recent and popular posts from the profile pages of Facebook’s favorite publishers, curated by a small (and powerful) editorial team within the company. In Headlines, for example, you’ll find posts from Time, the AP, The New York Times, Politico, and etc In Cute, you’ll find a range of more curated posts from the likes of Grumpy Cat, Laughing Squid, and Zooey Deschanel’s site HelloGiggle .

 There is a big panel on the top and browsable smaller one below.even though the app still displays articles by giving you the same view you’d have seen if you simply visited the site where it was published it shows in a less cramped full screen mode which makes for easier reading .and it provides options for saving and sharing news with your friends and all.
so why you are waiting download it now its self .

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