Prank Time: Make Space key type the word “SPACE”

Here is a cool prank to show off your geeky talent to your friends. Actually what this prank does is that it prints the word “SPACE” on screen, everytime a user hits the space key instead of blank space. This trick will become very annoying specially when a user is working with keyboard and typing documents or doing some other works and this trick is also harmless.


  • Download and Install AutoHotKey from here
  • On your desktop  right click->new->AutoHotKey Script
  • Now open this with notepad and paste the following code. (you can delete all that is already written in notepad)


         (note: you can replace SPACE with whatever word you like.)


  • Now save this script with .ahk at the end to whatever location you like.
  • Lastly, Double click on the script to make it run and see the the results by pressing space key in any text area.

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