Remove your middle name and last name from facebook

Follow the below steps to remove your last name on facebook easily :—-

1.   If you have mozilla firefox then run it else download it. (Firefox is must for this)

2.   Now go to

3.   Search with proxy in “Indonesia” with port no. “8080” and all other settings.

4.   Now note down the details of first IP address.

5.   Now go to Firefox>Tools>Options

6.   Now select Advanced>Network>Setting

7.   Now select manual proxy configuration and enter the proxy you noted in step (4) in       
      HTTP proxy field and 8080 in port. Also mark “Use this proxy server for all 
      protocols”. Type the same IP address in the “No Proxy” box and click Ok.

8.   Now login to your facebook account and go to account settings and change the 
      language to Bahasa Indonesia. Now try to remove your last name and you will be 
       surprised to see the result.

9.   Finally, change the language to whatever you want.  :):):)


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