Some Top Must Have Apps for Windows Phone

Windows Phone is still not a major player in smartphone world but it is showing constant growth worldwide. In terms of apps, Windows Phone store has fewer apps than its competitors but the efforts from Microsoft has given rise in developer’s intrest in Windows store and the number of apps are increasing day by day. Here is a list of some top must have apps for your new Windows Phone.


      Top must have apps for Windows Phone

  • Insider (free)

Insider contains all the important phone settings like bluetooth, wi-fi, battery info, location, cellular, airplane mode e.t.c  inside one app. It allows to place shortcut for individual settings on start screen like wi-fi, bluetooth e.t.c. You can also get your phone info, network and memory related information through this app.


  • Moliplayer Pro ($2.99)

Moliplayer is most powerful and advanced media player for windows phone. It can play nearly all types of audio and video files like mp3, aac, flac, mkv, vob, flv, wmv, avi, mp4 e.t.c. It also supports subtitles and password protection.


  • Cool Tiles (Free)

Cool Tiles is an app for decorating your windows phone homescreen with beautiful looking tiles. It has more than 50 tools to pin your start screen. It contains all the important tool you will need to operate your windows phone.


  • File Explorer (Free)

It is a very useful app for managing files and folders on your windows phone. While a lot of information is not accessible through this app mainly due to windows phone OS limitation but still it will provide access to some important files and folders. Just give it a try !!!


  • Indigo (Free)

Indigo is a voice enabled personal assistant for your windows phone. It uses windows phone’s inbuilt speech recognition feature. Ask it anything like , to call a friend, update your facebook and twitter or a joke or anything and chances are that you will get your answer.


  • Lockmix (Free)

Lockmix is a very useful app to customize the lockscreen of your windows phone with different widgets like weather, news, rss, facebook feed, joke, quote e.t.c. You can adjust the arrangement of widgets according to your need and some of the widgets are payable too.


  • Papyrus (Free)

Papyrus is a note taking app for windows phone which supports hand-written notes just like paper. The virtual paper of the app is available in different sizes and has many useful features like pinch to zoom, double finger scroll, cut-copy-paste, colors e.t.c

  • Photosynth (Free)

Photosynth is the most advance app for capturing beautiful panorama on your windows phone. It allows you to take 360deg panorama horizantally and vertically. With Photosynth you will never miss a single view of your surrounding.


  • wpTorrent (Free)

wpTorrent is a native bit torrent client for windows phone. It supports downloading torrents directly to your windows phone. It also allows to view partially downloaded audio and video files. Music files downloaded through this app can also be exported to music+video hub.


  • Antitheft Alarm (Free)

Now that you have all the important apps on your brand new windows phone, this app will help you to protect your phone from going into the wrong hands. Just activate this app while leaving your phone alone and this app will start making sound whenever someone will touch your phone.



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