Top 6 best applications for Windows 8/8.1

1. SketchBook Express: Download Now

SketchBook Express is a number 1 application of this May 2014. By using this application you can enjoy all drawing and arts which is in your mind. This application is specially for art loving people. Also web designer can use this application for those work. If you didn’t tried this application then must try this windows 8 Sketch book express application.
As per touch screen laptops and pads this application is very good and working speedy and fine. You can sketch any thing from your touch screen laptop. So, Download and try this.

2. Handbrake : Download Now

Handbrake is a specially for video lovers. I think every boy’s and girls want’s to watch nice beautiful videos on those smart phones or any device. But when your video formats are different from supported videos of your gadget then this application will help you a lot. You can watch your favorite videos by changing its video formats and many more features. 

3. Blender : Download Now

Blender is free application to create 3D animation. Blender supports 3D pipeline – Modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering & many more things you can do from this application. Even you can also edit your videos and able to create games.

4. SketchUp Make : Download Now

This is a excellent application for 3D designing and art. If you are lover of designing and arts of any 3D things then by using this application you can draw any thing which you think.

5. VirtualBox : Download Now 

By using virtual box you can use many operating system on your laptop. As per you can make any software for any operating system and test that software in particular operating system. This is best application if you are programmer & web developer.

6. Spotify : Download

This application is totally for music lover’s. By using this application you can share your own music and any singer’s songs with your friends. Also you can play songs and download it from your laptop. So, use this application for listening music.

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